Don’t expect to understand your life1
Prachtig nummer van Sarah Bettens – “Don’t Stop”

Don’t expect to understand your life

“Don’t stop trying
there’s always reason to go on living
As long as you can breath
Stay clear of extremes
Just say what you mean
But try not to be mean

You should say thank you often
Like your hair
Wave to strangers everywhere
Do what you’re supposed to do
Don’t look at what the others do

Think before you buy a car
Don’t marry someone you met in a bar
There’s no such thing as going too far
Love who you are

Don’t be scared of what’s ahead
But wear a helmet to protect your head
Be aware, say you care, don’t say fair

Stay close to the hands that raised you
Watch for signs
Never waste expensive wine
Spoil your body, spoil yourself
Never cheat and share your wealth

Sing when you’re glad
Close the door if you sound bad
Don’t believe a man who knows he’s right
Don’t skip ahead, enjoy your flight

Be nice to your dog
Drive slow in the fog
Convince yourself to write a song
Change clothes every day
Call ahead when you’re late
Be safe when you’re planning to get laid

Read what you like
Be on your brother’s side
It’s okay to wonder why
But don’t expect to understand your life”

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